Further is one of the largest health savings account (HSA) custodians and account administrators in the nation. We've been at the forefront of innovation in health spending accounts since 1989, and we've earned a reputation as one of the most experienced and trusted account administrators in the country.

We want everybody to have the opportunity to benefit from a HSA, that is why we offer a completely free account option. No fees of any kind, no minimum balance and no obligations!


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HSA Program Features

FDIC or NCUA Insured:
Min Balance to Open:
  • Debit Card
  • Online Banking
  • Investment Options

HSA Interest Rates

Interest rates for various balance tiers
$10,000 - $14,999.991.00%
$15,000 - $24,999.991.15%
$10,000 - $14,999.990.35%
$15,000 - $24,999.990.45%
$10,000 - $14,999.990.20%
$15,000 - $24,999.990.25%
$10,000 - $14,999.990.07%
$15,000 - $24,999.990.10%
Last checked on: 03-01-2018


Monthly Maintenance Fee$0.00 - $4.00*
Account Opening Fee$0.00
Account Closing Fee$0.00

* Premium Saver is $4.00 / month, Select Saver is $3.00 / month, Basic Saver is $2.50 / month, Thrift Saver is $1.00 / month (waived if average daily balance exceeds $2,500) and Free Saver is $0.00 / month

HSA Investment Options

Mutual Fund Platform:    Self-Directed Brokerage:    CDs:    Other:

Mutual Fund Details

Investment Threshold: $1,000
Investment Fee: $18 / Year

Once your base balance exceeds $1,000, you can open a Basic Investment Account, giving you access to a variety of no-load and load waived pre-selected mutual funds. You must keep at least $1,000 in the base balance of your HSA account. This does not include any amounts transferred for investment.

Self-Directed Brokerage Details

Once your HSA Basic Investment Account exceeds $10,000, you can open a self-directed brokerage account with Charles Schwab through your HSA, giving you access to more than 2,500 mutual funds as well as stocks, bonds and other investments. You must keep at least $1,000 in the base balance of your HSA account.

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