Heartland Credit Union


We're a cooperative, exclusively owned by our members. Our mission is simple: Delivering Solutions, Earning Trust, Building Relationships. That's it...that's what we do.

With so many choices out there for financial institutions, why choose Heartland Credit Union? That's a question we're always striving to have an answer for. In a nutshell, HCU is different because we hear our members. We build and integrate our products and services around the needs and concerns that our members have expressed to us. We offer solutions that we feel are in your best interests and we strive to never be the ones to put you in a position that you can't financially afford to be in.

Ultimately we know that we have to earn and re-earn your business every day. We don't believe that just because we build it, you will come. We know that we have to back it up with the quality of service you expect and deserve, each and every time you interact with us.

It's the Heartland Way.

HSA Program Features

FDIC or NCUA Insured:
Min Balance to Open:
  • Debit Card
  • Online Banking
  • Investment Options

HSA Interest Rates

Interest rates for various balance tiers
$100+ 0.25% APY
Last checked on: 07-11-2023. Rates may not be current, please check the provider's website for the latest rates.


Monthly Maintenance Fee Unknown
Account Opening Fee Unknown
Account Closing Fee Unknown

HSA Investment Options

Mutual Fund Platform: close   Self-Directed Brokerage: close   CDs: check_box   Other: close

CDs Details

Certificates are also available, for a higher yielding investment option. There can be a downside to putting your HSA funds into certificates however. If you have to cash out an HSA certificate early to pay for health care costs you will have an early withdrawal penalty to pay. That is why we recommend that you not have all of your HSA funds in certificates. A good strategy would be to keep an adequate proportion in HSA savings, with the remainder in various certificates maturing at different time periods. This would give you maximum return while lessening the potential for surrendering a certificate early.

Contact Information

General Information

Address 900 E. 23rd Street
Hutchinson, KS 67504-1645

Customer Service

Phone Number 800-428-8472